The Stress Clinic


"I was so stressed when I first came to Clare, I was in pain all over with tension and had anxiety and bad sleep. The herbs that Clare made for me really helped my sleep and I loved the relaxation sessions - fantastic!" Chloe R

When we are stressed we are in a permanent state of ‘fight or flight’ which means we are activated for a dangerous situation, and ready to run (flight) away or stay defend ourselves (fight). We will be producing a lot of adrenalin and our nervous systems will be on high alert the whole time. This is a primitive reaction from long ago in our evolution and we are only designed to stay in this state for a few hours at most, many of us spend days or weeks or even months in this state, and that takes its toll. We need to help you to come down out of this state the processes and remedies and lifestyle changes are all designed to support you to rebalance from a permanently wired state to a more steady one.

I may suggest a herbal tinctures which I make up specifically for you, or nutritional supplements to help your body cope with the additional demands being made on it or to help you sleep if that is an issue. I use a deeply restorative relaxation technique which means you can stay fully clothed whilst you lie on the couch, I will gently touch specific areas to allow energy to flow and allow relaxation to return to the body. Most people love this and often fall asleep, but the benefits can last well beyond a session and allow deep changes to occur.

It may be necessary to make some changes to your lifestyle or patterns of behaviour if they are contributing to the problem, but these can be discussed and introduced gradually as you feel ready.

Why not take advantage of my free 15 minute appointment (either face to face or by phone) to talk about your particular situation and to see if I can help. Please call me on 07531 884996 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it