Sleep problemsWhat can be helped?

  • Sleep
  • Waking at night
  • Waking up early
  • Un-refreshing sleep

Sleep problems such as the inability to get off to sleep, waking up at night, the inability to get back to sleep, waking up early, un-refreshing sleep, sleep issues in restless babies. 

Treatment approached used?

Sleep issues can be due to a variety of  factors the first approach to use is talking to discuss what the issues are.  I can help you understand the underlying reasons for the problem, sometimes understanding things makes a big difference to how we feel about it. We then may use herbs, nutrients, or other natural remedies to help re-educate you and break the cycle. Sometimes we will use CD’s which train the body to a more relaxed state. Emotional and psychological support is necessary, which I offer, sometimes I will recommend a colleague to talk to if it is appropriate.  

How does it work?

Sleep issues often start during a period of stress and sometimes never go back to normal. Sometimes they start during the menopause for women. Sometimes they can be short lived during particularly stressful times or when babies are waking us. Having had no sleep on occasion myself I know how distressing it can be. Herbs and supplements can be used to support the body through stressful times. Music and flower essences work on a vibrational level to help ‘re-set’ the energetic frequency of the body to a more peaceful one. Talking helps you get the issues out in the open (if there are any you are aware of) and gives me a chance to explain the whole ‘fight-flight’ mechanisms behind why this causes sleep problems. Often we need to support the adrenal glands which are producing too much adrenalin and keeping us ‘tired but wired’. Massage of the body can be tremendously useful also to let go of tension alongside these other treatment approaches. We work together to find the best approach for you.  

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