My approach

"Where ancient wisdom meets modern science"

My belief is that the natural wisdom of the body is what allows health to be restored, but sometimes it needs a little helping hand to do this. Modern science has a lot to offer in the form of diagnostic procedures and testing, as well as the scientific understanding under-pinning how the body works.

I believe in combining the best of both worlds.

Often when we are not well or in pain we know we need some help, may be we have tried the GP and not found that to be helpful, then it is difficult to know where to start. I see myself as a good starting place because I have a good over-view of many things, have a lot of tools in my tool kit, and know many places to refer you on to if necessary. I feel I am like a GP of the natural medicine world.

I understand that you want to get better as soon as possible. I work with some very effective tools and techniques to help you to achieve this.

I work with people who have physical aches and pains and come in for Osteopathic treatment, and I work with people who have other health issues such as digestiive problems and allergies. Often people start coming for help with one problem and then decide they also want help with their other health issues too.

My commitment to you is to give you time and empathy so I make sure I understand the root causes of the problem as best I can. To be your health coach, making suggestions and using the most appropriate approaches from my tool kit and to be your guide on your journey back to health for as long as you need one.  

Contact Information

The Chestnut Suite
Guardian House
Borough Road

Tel 07531 884996

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