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Very simply Osteopathy is the art and science of correcting spinal alignment in order to alleviate pain and imbalance. In doing this not only will your pain reduce but all systems of the body will benefit such as your digestive system, reproductive system and immune system. All of these systems require good flow of blood, lymph and nervous connection from the spine in order to function properly.

I use Classical and Cranial Osteopathy to balance your whole body and improve overall health. 

Generally it is not useful to only treat or focus on the part that is hurting e.g. the shoulder hurts so the therapist works exclusively on the shoulder. Although this may seem like common sense, it is actually not addressing the underlying causes. For example, if you have a knee injury that causes you to walk unevenly you may put an uneven pressure up into your hips, this in turn may cause an issue in your lower back, that can work it's way all the way up your spine and you can end up with a shoulder problem. As you can see from this example, only treating the shoulder is not going to solve the problem because the root causes lie elsewhere. To get a true resolution of the problem the whole body needs addressing.

Many times the root cause is not so much structural or mechanical but emotional. For example, if you trip over on an uneven pavement and land on your left knee, and a few days later your lower back hurts it is likely that the cause of the lower back pain, is the mechanical effect of the trip creating imbalance through your legs and pelvis. If however, you have lower back pain but can think of nothing at all that may have caused it physically, it may be that the origin is more on an emotional level. For example, you may be having a difficult time with your boss at work and actually the timing of the pain has co-incided with this stress. I also work as a Psych-K facilitator to help resolve issues of this nature, see the link to the Psych-K website to find out more about Psych-K.

So in summary, I am interested in helping you get to the root cause of your pain, whatever that may be, and helping you to resolve it in the quickest and gentlest ways that I know, including the "whole you'' in that process.

I look forward to exploring this with you!

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