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"When I first started seeing Clare my back was a mess, I had constant aching and was unable to do sport, Clare's treatments and guidance means that this is now a thing of the past" Sally P

"Clare is not like other practitioners, she looks at everything not just where the pain is" Kate T

"I feel I can trust Clare, because I know she is aiming to get me better, not keeping me coming back like some practitioners!" Michael C


Clare is a Naturopathic Osteopath

This means that I am able to look at you as a whole person not just a sore knee! Aches and pains can be caused by so many factors such as postural misalignments and faulty foot biomechanics, to poor nutrition, stress and emotional tension, pregnancy and hormones, digestive problems or serious illness.

I look at the whole person and treat accordingly. My aim is to get you better so that you do not have to keep coming for treatments. I use some of the most advanced techniques (such as laser therapy, electrotherapy and Biopuncture) alongside the most simple such as massage or teaching you how to stand better.

If necessary I will refer you for scans, back to your GP or onto another specialist.

I do not list the conditions I treat here because the list would be too long! If you would like to know whether your particular situation is something that I could treat please do feel free to take up my 15 minute free appointment (either face to face or by phone) to discuss your particular needs call me on 07531 884996 or email

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The Chestnut Suite
Guardian House
Borough Road

Tel 07531 884996

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