"Since seeing you last I have had a lovely summer and am feeling really good. My periods have been every 3-5 weeks so the last 3 have been pretty much on time, with only a day or two of period pain which is manageable. They can be heavy for the first 2-3days but I feel like I can manage that now and they are in a good pattern.

I want to thank you for all your help and what you have done for me to help get me back on track, I really do appreciate it. I feel like I am in a much better place now emotionally and physically and I know I wouldn't have felt this way without seeing you so thank you."

Katy Digby


"I have really appreciated the holistic approach that Clare has taken when treating me, and I have found both the cranial osteopathy and the homeopathy combined have had a very positive impact on me, and helped in my healing from a head injury"

Lizzy Clack


"I was a recommended to Clare for a digestion problem that I had been suffering with for some years.  Through homeopathy and a few dietary changes I feel things have significantly improved.  Clare is professional, thorough and understanding".

"I was so happy you could help my daughter when she was exhausted and not recovering from repeated gymnastics injury. I came to you at the end of 2013 feeling very low and unworthy, negative. Thanks for listening, for sorting out my core problems, and my menopause sweats.Isabel and I are both in very good health now, both feeling positive, and ready to tackle anything.Should things change, you know we will be back in a jiffy!"


Annelize and Isabel Kidd, Guildford


"Clare kept me going for a number of years before I had no option but to proceed with my hip replacement. What I particularly like about Clare is that she uses a holistic approach to working out the root cause of the problem and understand what's going on. Her treatment is as a consequence very effective and, as well as the usual massage and manipulation interventions, if you're lucky like me, can be prescribed a complementary tonic which made a huge difference! 100% recommended!!"

Mike Pringle


"Before treatment Zak had been to hospital a number of times with breathing difficulties in his first year of life and was eventually prescribed an inhaler which was required regularly. He also displayed permanent cold symptoms and was quite irritable with it.  Following an initial consultation with Clare - we went through a thorough medical history for him, Clare suggested a treatment plan of homeopathy for Zak.  Within days he began improving, within weeks needing no inhaler and returning to being a happy, funny little boy within months.  I admit to being initially cynical, however, Clare's professional ongoing advice and treatment was invaluable - the continued results of the treatment now speak for themselves."
Anna S, Mum from Milford. 

"I am a 57 year old female who has suffered from hot flushes , stress, severe back and  shoulder pain for several years. More recently I also had terrible pain in my legs & feet. I was unable to sleep, lay down, sit or walk without pain, which varied from severe to excruciating. I was recommended to Clare by a family member & received homeopathic remedies , massage & laser treatments. After 10 visits the pain has gone completely, & the hot flushes have reduced considerably, & I feel  less stressed.   I cannot recommend Clare highly enough & am very thankful for her help."

Beverley, North London      


"After suffering 4 years of progressive back pain and work becoming more and more difficult I decided enough was enough and I had to find someone to help me sort my back problems out.  I had been attending the NHS for over 4 years and had every kind of x-ray, body scan, physiotherapy and meetings with consultant specialists and chiropractor that you could possibly have, they were unsuccesful in helping me in any way.  I am in landscape construction and forestry work and I was constantly physically falling uncontrollably to the ground in tremendous pain.  As a last resort my brother suggested an osteopath which was Clare, with the added bonus of also being trained in natural therapies.  I was in such a state I was willing to give anything a shot.  Clare sat down with me and discussed my back problems and found that not only did I have a wheat intolerance but my back was pushed out of shape by 30 years of lifting excessively heavy weights.  I am pleased to say after 5 months treatment and starting a new diet without fizzy drinks or too much wheat, I now no longer have any back pain - and have also lost a little weight!  I will be going to Clare every six weeks for an MoT on my back.  Thank god for Clare - you're a star."
A Foster - Landscaper

"I have long been suffering from chronic back and shoulder pains which also resulted me having a low immune system and general fatigue. I have tried out many different treatments over the years but non seemed to suit me. This laser treatment however has helped me strengthen my immune system and relieve my back problems in a non-intrusive and very relaxing way. I have since introduced my husband to the treatment to support his well-being also!"

Natasha, Godalming

"When I first consulted Clare Badrick it was as a last resort: previous treatments had not helped. However her thorough and persistent methods have restored flexibility and movement in my shoulder and arm and greatly reduced pain and discomfort. I am able to play musical instruments with much greater ease." 

John K, Godalming

"Having  had a very deep seated skin condition for over 15 years which was unsuccessfullytreated by the local GP and  renowned consultant dermatologists. I was recommended to Ms Clare Badrick.  After 6 months treatment with natural therapy based on the principles of  Naturopaths the condition disappeared completely. I consider the treatment I have received for my prevailing  condition to be unparalleled in comparison to traditional drugs and medicines. I also had one laser treatment to the muscle structure with considerable benefit. I would fully recommend the practice run by Ms Badrick  for conditions whether chronic or for  a minor related conditions."  

Paul S, Godalming

"I honestly don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t seen Clare for this treatment, I’d got to the point where I couldn’t handle my daughter putting her arms round my neck without crying with pain! It was such a relief to have this release and I now continue to see Clare every few months to ensure all is in order!"  

Chrissie, Godalming

"I started seeing Clare address menopausal issues - namely fibroids which had caused excessive bleeding previously.  Leg cramps and restless legs in the evening/night time were also an accompanying problem.
Clare prescribed various remedies, including nutritional supplements . At the end of 6 months, the periods had normalized and the leg cramps had gone.  We discovered along the way that caffeine, being a stimulant, was a major factor with the leg cramps, so coffee and chocolate have been eliminated from my diet. I am very pleased that these issues have been resolved with Clare's assistance and am happy to say I feel much better as a result."

Margaret T, Woking

"I have tried very many therapies to help with my hay fever from local honey, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, reflexology, nutritional therapy, flower remedies, homeopathy, taking supplements as well as prescriptive medicines, drops and nasal sprays. My GP did tell me on more than one occasion I should just accept medication due to the impact on my life. Other friends (a nurse) have said likewise but I have never been keen to take long-term medication. However, NES Health therapy along with a few minor dietary changes e.g reducing diary, have made a huge difference. My hayfever symptoms have definitely reduced and so have my consumption of tissues, I am even able to have had lilies in the house which I know before would set off my symptoms. The itchiness in my eyes has reduced.  I am sleeping better at night, before, when my symptoms were bad it was common for me to get up for a drink as my nose was so blocked and it was difficult to breathe properly.  I also coped well with camping in a two man tent for a few nights with only slight sneezing and mild symptoms. A friend commented on the fact that one year ago whilst camping at the same time of year, I had to sit down whilst everyone packed away. This made me realise the impact this has had on how I enjoy being outside. I have also enjoyed helping out with some gardening. I will leave the grass cutting for someone else though!  
I would also like to mention about the increase in my energy levels. Overall, I felt more energetic; getting up earlier during the school holidays than I needed to and also going to bed  about  an hour later. I felt generally more energised, patient with my teenage boys and able to spend two hours on a walk/bike in the woods."

Angela P, Godalming

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