What to Expect

What to expect in an Osteopathy appointment

  • A warm, friendly, caring welcome and consultation
  • A full physical assessment preferably with you undressed to your underwear. If you are not comfortable with this you can wear lose fitting shorts or leggings (not tight lycra ones). This is necessary even if the problem seems a long way from your spine such as your wrist or knee as imbalance in the spine can cause or contribute to problems in the limbs. The root cause of your problem may be a long way from where you are experiencing the pain.
  • A clear idea by the end of the sesion of what the problem is and what can be done about it.
  • A referral to a GP, or for further investigations if it is appropriate or unsafe to continue treating without more detailed information.
  • In subsequent appointments you will be given advice on lifestyle, exercise and if necessary nutrition to aid your recovery process.
  • It is not always possible to give a clear idea of how many sessions you will need to have at the start of treatment, but after 2 or 3 sessions it is becoming clearer. Most people will need either only 2 or 3 or actually a longer course over several months.
  • Treatment is gentle and not painful. Most people find it relaxing.
  • Try to keep the 24-48 hours following an Ostoepathy session clear of exercise, long-distance travel and heavy demands for best results from treatment.

What to expect from a Naturopathy appointment

  • A warm, friendly and caring welcome and consultation
  • A health questionniare prior to the initial consultation
  • At the initial consultation a very detailed personal health history will be taken
  • If necessary and with your permission I may suggest a physical examination for example of the spine or abdomen.
  • An additional option is a painless cutting edge scan which will give us instant results of your mineral status.
  • Advice about further functional medicine tests that may be useful.
  • A plan of a way forward (this will be developed over the first few sessions) and will be tailored to your individual needs.
  • Your questions answered and quite detailed explanantions.
  • A guide for as long as your need one on your unique health journey.

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