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How well do you sleep?

Don't battle Insomnia alone So many of us have some kind of trouble sleeping or insomnia, it is thought to affect between 30-40% of adults. There are different types of insomnia or sleep problem: problems getting off to sleep problems staying asleep waking up too...

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Detox- the Do’s and Don’ts.

Do you ever wonder about detox? Is it just hype? Do you need to do it? Is it just for people who want to lose weight? In this issue I am going to give you the lo-down on detoxing the - what, when, and how- so get a cup of tea (herbal of course!) and get ready for a...

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Would you eat your sunscreen?

The Benefits of sun to our health. Most people are aware that we need sunlight for vitamin D. Actually it is a type of cholesterol (7-dehydrocholestero) in the skin that is converted by UVB radiation from the sun to an inactive form of vitamin D. It is then converted...

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