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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment for Osteopathy or Inter X?

Simply call or fill in the contact form to make an appointment. No health questionnaire is necessary. Initial appointments are one hour and include a full assessment of your history, posture and current pain. Subsequent appointments are usually 45 minutes and focus on correcting the underlying cause of your condition.

How do I make an Appointment for Naturopathy+Bioresonance?

Simply call, email or fill in the contact form (link here) to book an appointment. Let’s get started helping you feel well again!

I’m not sure if this is right for me or not, what should I do?
Simply book a free 20 minute discovery session, you can attend in person or we can talk via the phone or Skype. Click here to book a Discovery Session.

What happens after I make my first appointment for Naturopathy+Bioresonance?

When you book an appointment you will be sent a health questionnaire to fill in and return prior to your first session. This is quite detailed and tells me much of the information I am going to need about your health and your background.

What happens during the 90 minute initial Naturopathy+Bioresonance consultation?

On your first appointment, which is 90 minutes, we will spend some time going over your health questionnaire then we will start using the BICOM Bioresonance device to look for what ‘Blocks’ or ‘Stresses’ may be affecting your health.

A note about Blocks and Stresses.

Quite simply Blocks are like trees that have fallen down across a river and are preventing the river from flowing. The river represents your body’s drive to manifest health; a natural and effortless flow – when there is nothing blocking that flow! However, there are many things that can act like fallen trees blocking this flow, from nutrient deficiencies to old whiplash injuries and even old scars. Once we find these Blocks we can start treating them and removing them (or at least removing the influence they are having on you), and so the river of health can flow once again.

We use the word ‘Stresses’ not only to denote an emotional or mental stress, but in a much broader context. In this context a Stress is anything that can drain some of the body’s energy or create a hidden demand on resources. Much like when your computer does a background update, the rest of the programs then run very slowly because there is not enough memory or capacity to go round. Or if your computer has a virus then again, how it operates will be disrupted.

All kinds of things can act as Stresses on the body, often doing so behind the scenes and completely unbeknownst to you. Examples of Stressors are environmental toxins, pathogens like bacteria of virus’s, food allergies or deeply buried emotions and trauma. We can imagine a newborn baby is like an empty ‘Barrel’, with no stresses affecting him or her. But as we move through life our Barrel starts to fill with all kinds of stresses.

It is only when our Barrel of Stress is full and starts to over-flow that we manifest symptoms. As we find and remove these hidden stressors it frees up energy in the body for there to be a move towards health.

For more information on Blocks and Stresses please download my free ebook link here.

Usually the first consultation is taken up with finding the main Blocks and Stresses.

What happens after the initial consultation?

Then on subsequent sessions (usually one hour) we start clearing these Blocks and Stresses. We do this using the Bioresonance device and also using Naturopathic measures. This may mean giving you advice about many things you take for granted in your current lifestyle, such as how you sleep, your diet and your exercise regime or even how you breathe. Nutrition and Lifestyle medicine have long been used to enhance health and wellbeing but now we also have the modern technology of Bioresonance to enhance and speed the process.

Additionally in these sessions we will also provide support and provide energy for your body and any ailing organs or systems. Bioresonance can identify which organs and systems need support and we can use the BICOM Bioresonance device along with Naturopathic diet and lifestyle measures to support them.

How long will it take for me to feel an improvement?

Most people will feel either energized or tired immediately after a Bioresonance session. Then slowly bit by bit your health starts to improve. Every person is different so for example a young person on no medication and with very little filling up their Barrel of Stress will find their health improves much quicker than some one who is elderly and has many Stresses and Blocks.

Generally, we say that most people are going to notice improvements in their overall wellbeing within 6-12 sessions.

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