This whole Bioresonance thing seemed very bizarre to me but I gave it a chance as nothing else was helping, and alongside taking on board dietary and lifestyle advice, my Hay Fever has gone, my periods are more regular and manageable and I feel more comfortable in myself.


I came to see Clare for my Hay Fever which was affecting my life every day through Spring and Summer. I had to take daily anti-histamine tablets to try and control it, but even then I would still get symptoms. Since working with Clare using Naturopathy and Bioresonance I have changed my diet and had some Bioresonance treatments and my Hay Fever has almost completely gone. I have not had to take any drugs at all this season for the first time in many years. I think that is a pretty big thing. It was much easier than I thought it would be to change my diet and as a bonus my tummy pains and bloating have disappeared and my tummy just generally feels better as a consequence. 


I started seeing Clare for a back injury I sustained as a result of a car accident three years ago. Her in depth questions at the outset of our client/practitioner relationship identified that I also suffered from auto Immune disease, chronic fatigue and peri menopause. These had already been identified by the NHS however I had become increasingly disappointed by the treatment for each and had already started my journey on researching alternative medicines to deal mostly with the Hashimoto’s disease I had been diagnosed with. Clare prioritised my treatments with the most acute being addressed first (my back) and once she had got that under control progressed to dealing with my auto immune issues and my chronic fatigue. Clare is an intuitive practitioner who solidifies her gut instincts with the use of  instinctual questioning, naturopathy and her bio resonance technology. She has identified food intolerances with the use of minimally intrusive blood tests (finger prick) and encourages ones wellbeing with additional herbs, tinctures and drops. My journey continues a slow one but recent reflections have identified enormous improvements from the person that once was presented before Clare. She identifies issues with compassion and humour and offers a honest representation of the journey ahead. She encourages you to be honest with yourself and your lifestyle without being pushy, presenting the facts to you to digest and revisit when you’re ready to do so. Clare’s depth of knowledge, perfected over many years, has changed my life for the better. If you were looking at an alternative therapy route, I, with absolute certainty, highly recommend Clare. 

‘Clare has changed my life in more ways than one.  I have the upmost respect for Clare’s understanding of my symptoms and how to resolve them, along with her guidance generally.  We are on a journey together with my health and I am forever grateful with the progress that has and continues to be made’


I came to you at the end of 2013 feeling very low and unworthy, negative. Thanks for listening, for sorting out my core problems, and my menopause sweats. I am in very good health now, both feeling positive, and ready to tackle anything. Should things change, you know we will be back in a jiffy! Thank you Clare.

Annelize Kidd


Just thought I’d check in as we haven’t seen you for a while!! Harvey is doing great, his skin is amazing, occasional tiny bit itchy on his ankles!! We are still strict with diet. He has changed so much since he started senior school, I think you would be surprised!! Anyway I will never be able to thank you enough for all you did for him, you really have changed his life for the better.
Zoe and Harvey Everard

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