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I came out of the doctor’s age 16 clutching my antibiotics, in tears. He clearly hadn’t understood me or my situation. Why would there be any more bacteria on my skin than anyone else’s? I wondered to myself. Why hadn’t he looked into why my periods hadn’t started. Why hadn’t he made the link between these two things, that was self evident to me.

I know how it feels to not be heard or listened to or understood by your doctor or the medical profession. My acne at a young age was the start, for me of a journey into natural medicine that has taken me down all kinds of paths.

You likely know that you are not feeling right, there may be several things going on at the same time and you feel they are connected but you are not sure how. You want to get to the root cause/s of your issues so you can heal that. And you understand intuitively that that will then mean the symptoms you are experiencing will clear.

My journey into health and wellness has lead me to realize that many times we can’t know the root causes of our health issues on our own. We need help in finding them and healing them. And this is where I come in. I use advanced Bioresonance systems to help me find the root causes of your health issues so we know what we are dealing with and can target that.

And because I have been a practitioner for 28 years I also have a wealth of experience too. I can often make links and understand connections that your GP will have missed simply because of this experience.

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